Special Cleaner

Multi-cleaner: SHION

Rare cleaning agent with strong cleaning power usable as a degreasing agent and at the same time safe to use for sensitive material. Safe to use for cleaning a car's aluminum wheels as well as its exterior and interior.

Weight: 500(g)
Material: Surfactant
Origin: Japan

Wide mirror


It is a reliable brand: a Broadway mirror. It has a wider field of view and a reduced blind area.
The mirror comes in two types: flat and curved. It comes in various sizes as well.
Its frame is available in various designs, including black, wood pattern, and metal.
A bright one is also available for film-equipped vehicles.

Sumart-phone holder !


You can install it at any angle you like. It can spin around 360 degrees, so you can hold it horizontally too.


Car security

Car security:

Car security system with built-in 2-stage shock sensor! is the long-established brand company that first developed car security in the world.
Two easy-to-operate compact remote control units provided as standard.

This system provides the engine starter function, which makes you comfortable in your car, and helps perform vehicle door lock control. Your car will be moved up one level with this system.

LED Lantern !

LED Lantern:

Pioneers the market with the adoption of Light Guide Panel with warm white LED, which delivers smooth and irritation-free illumination. It produces up to 230 lumens and gives an atmosphere comparable to that of gas lantern.

Comfortable warm white LED boosting a gorgeous output of up to 280 lumens. It delivers an amazing continuous run time of 72 hrs with dual brightness levels (high & low) and flashing mode.

LED Light

LED Flashlight:

Lightweight and compact, it is truly handy illumination tool to carry around for everyday work.
Just 3 x AAA batteries are required and deliver advanced Focus Control function and output of up to 150 lumens.

Runs on common 2 x AA batteries, it delivers a dazzling output of up to 150 lumens with Focus Control function.
It is regulated by smooth dimming control which provides electronic dimming from 100% to 10% output level, release any time for desired brightness.

High performance single white LED can deliver a blazing output of up to 200 lumens with three levels smooth dimming control (High-Mid-Low).
Focus Control and quick flashing function are also available for specific needs.

Japanese ramen soup (16 flavors, packed per serving)

Japanese ramen soup (16 flavors, packed per serving)

We sell special Japanese ramen soup (16 kinds of taste).
The soup manufacturer is one of the leading soup manufacturer in Japan. My office got license to sell the products from this soup manufacturer.

Hokkaido is a treasure trove of Japanese ingredients. This soup is extracted from the extract of fresh vegetables, seafood, chicken, pork of Hokkaido produced by special technology. You can enjoy the professional taste with 16 kinds of Japanese ramen soup. And if you have a sense of fun a little, it will be able to spread further your cooking item with using this soup.

-These soup are liquid and is packaged for one meal each.
-Since these are divided into one meal each, it is very easy.
-Only pour the hot water of between 70 and 75 degrees to this soup.
-The weight is 27 to 68 g per piece depending on a type.
-Expiration date is half a year by keeping it in about 10 degrees.
-Transportation method: EMS

* Sales Results : Japan, Thailand

US$ 2.00 per piece

Paypal only

180 to 450 pieces depending on type

Balloon Glass

Balloon Glass for Promotional Use


Manufacturing Product:

Balloon Glass

Manufacture the cocktail glasses as the promotion kit for the cocktail at restaurant and bars.


5,000 pieces


Rust/Corrosion Prevention can be good for your business in your country.

Looking for distributor coating for Rust/Corrosion Prevention

Looking for distributor of Coating for Rust/Corrosion Prevention.

Urban development is exponential increase in Asia.
we do have a full of confidence that our products will help making your construction projects completely satisfy with your desire.

**Explanation of product
"Mighty CF" is an advanced inorganic anti-corrosion coating which changes red rust to stable black rust as a result of its high alkaline nature.
As an inorganic material, "Mighty CF" has a very long life because it is not susceptible to ultraviolet rays.
"Mighty CF" not only has excellent adhesion to the surface of metal, but also high performance under a wide range of temperatures,

1, Repair and Reinforcement.
2, Rust Prevention and Corrosion Protection
3, Bonding.

* Past results
-Port facilities
Idemitsu oil chiba refinery (rust prevention, piers)
Jfe technos (rust prevention, cranes and conveyer at ship doc)
City of shimonoseki (rust prevention on fishing piers)

Rainbow bridge at tokyo bay (pillars rust prevention)
Oki electronics (repairing radio tower) Idemitsu oil (rust prevention, cooling tank)
Japan defense agency (rust prevention and repairing water tank)

-Factories & warehouses
Toyota motor corporation, tahara factory (rust and corrosion prevention for dry kiln oven)
Yamaha (heat shield)
Japan defense agency (water proof & rust prevention of storage facility, hangers, restaurants)

Okinawa city monorail (rust prevention)
Tokyo gas (shinkansen tunnel water proof)

Do you need Copper Cathode in your country?

Copper Cathode (99.99%, From 50mt)

I would like to supply the following copper cathode.

*Specification for copper cathode
Element Formular Max
Silica Si 0,3ppm
Cobalt Co 0,5ppm
Lead Pb 0,5ppm
Iron Fe 2ppm
Aluminum Al 0,5ppm
Manganese Mn 0,5ppm
Nickel Ni 0,5ppm
Antimony Sb 0,5ppm
Arsenic As 0,1ppm
Bismuth Bi 0,5ppm
Tellurium Te 0,5ppm
Silver Ag 10ppm
Selenium Se 0,5ppm
Sulphur S 4ppm
Magnesium Mg 0,5ppm
Oxygen O2 0,00ppm
Non- radioactivity

*Delivery Capability
Monthly supply capacity: 500MT

Do you need Scrap Copper Wire in your country ?

Scrap Copper Wire (Copper 99.9%, From 50mt)


*Specification for copper wire scrap
COPPER: 99, 9%
CARBON: 0.03%
COBLET: <0, 001
IRON: 0, 005%
SULPHUR: <0, 01%
ZINC: 0, 003%

*Delivery Capability
Monthly supply capacity: 2000MT

Sample order 4MT

Used Construction Machinery (Cranes, power shovel, etc)

Used Construction Machinery (Cranes, power shovel, etc)

We have capability to export and sell second-hand cranes, mini backhoe, power shovel before they will be put into auction thus we need to know the specific requirements of customers such as model name, specifications and condition of cranes.

- Manufacturers: TADANO, Komatsu, Kobelco, Kato etc.
- Features: From 10 tons to 300 tons depend on the requirements of customers.
Need to know desired approximate mileage and operation hours from cusotmers.

Economical Geothermal Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning

Economical Geothermal Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning

Maker of Innovative Energy-saving Geothermal HVAC System Seeking Marketing Partners

As a pioneer in Japan's green building market, we are looking for business partners to market its patented and award-winning technology.

The Geo Power System is a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system that uses the earth's nearly constant underground temperature to passively warm or cool air for residential, commercial, or agricultural uses. The core of the system is a unique double pipe earth-to-air ground heat exchanger installed vertically in the ground to a depth of about 16 ft (5 m). In most applications the system includes a cobblestone layer in the building foundation for further temperature control.

The Geo Power System is the geothermal HVAC solution that:
* Moderates temperature differences up to 18 degrees F (10 degrees C)
*Lowers heating and cooling bills
*Purifies indoor air, removing 95% of dust and 99% of pollen
*Includes automatic air circulation and ventilation
*Naturally controls humidity
*Operates in an entirely chemical-free environment
*Reduces CO2 emissions

Wheelchair help equipment that can be used with escalator

Wheelchair help equipment that can be used with escalator

Convenient equipment that has not existed in the world yet
The invention of this equipment is a made-in-Japan product of the world first
The appearance rate of this patent is 0.2% (Grade A: IPB)
This equipment is used for the escalator wheelchair going up and down
The movement to the vertical direction because of the wheelchair becomes very convenient

*Epoch-making equipment
*The United Nations ratified 'Freedom of the movement' to the handicapped person all over the world in 2007.
The wheelchair user : as a current custom, Upper and lower movement in vertical direction of wheelchair movement
As for the wheelchair movement, the elevator was chiefly used. There was little escalator use.
Everyone creates the society that the able-bodied person and the physically handicapped person move happily, and freely anywhere at what time

** Production/Delivery Capability (incl. production equipment) **
Equipment explanation
*Escalator that can be used: 1,000mm or more in width
*The equipment keeps the wheelchair the horizontal at about 0.2~0.4 seconds and it is moved.
*The power supply is a rapid electrical charge and discharge battery with built-in equipment.
*Exclusive use and rapidity chargers: The full charges are 15 minutes. The going up and down frequency is 50 times.

** Production/Sales Results (targeted countries/areas, industries/business fields) **
100 units per month and major company and production schedule of OEM cooperation 200-300 production schedules after May this year.


Used 3D Solder Printing Inspection Machine

Used 3D Solder Printing Inspection Machine

We are pleased to inform you that the following used CKD Machines VP1000 2 units are available for sale.

We can make shipment within 2 weeks after confirmation of your T/T remittance.

Please see brief introductions as below.

*Maker : CKD
*Equipment : 3D Solder Printing Inspection Machine
*Board Flow : Left => Right (Front rail fixed)
*Board Flow : Right => Left (Front rail fixed)
*Model NO : VP1000
*Year : 2004
*Qty : 2 Units

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