The environmental clean-up by multi-function ceramics

Business contents: 
While environmental pollution advances on a terrestrial scale, have the 
purification function which resets environment to natural state the catalyst 
active ceramics which "CATACERAM". 

They are the worldwide first are superior catalyst active ceramics which 
were made from research and ceramic engineering development of the mineral 
which covers long time. 
Function of catalyst active ion switching function and adsorption function 
of minute porous structure operates with triune. 
As a result, of the anti-bacterial dirt-repellent adjustment anti mold and 
the underwater dissolved ion (wealth mineral conversion and pH adjustment) 
furthermore quality of adsorption of heavy metal and the ha logen element 
etc. is caused. 
Guaranty of safety and hygienic characteristic such as purification of the 
water for the beverage and industry and purification of the air becomes 
CATACERAM does not include the harmful matter in the material. 
Abolition characteristic (it returns to earth) to be superior, non-polluting 
low the ecology which can actualize the resource it is the material. 
The possibility of being able to become standard as a purification material 
of the water air is concealed. 

Future plan, doing application commodity development, is the sale enlargement. 
Those where you think as first use, the clean water machine(For home, building and apartment etc.), are the clean water plant(For food processing, for agricultural chemical washing, for production of factory and pool, public bathhouse, and so on). 
Especially, environment of the life service water it is bad, China and 
southeast Asia now think promising. 
Already China, Taiwan and the tie etc. and business negotiation has been 

In addition, it depends on catalyst function, the harmful bacterium, of 
development to the market which utilizes virus removal ability is thought. 

*Necessary hot spring bathhouse field of Legionella bacterium measure 
*Bird influenza measure 
*The fish farming field whose carp herpes measure is necessary 

In case of financing : As for collection from 5-10 years, As for investment yield in year 5%. 
In case of investment : It accepts the dispatch of the official and it is possible. If possible, unsecured non guarantee is desired. 

Amount: US$ 241,000

Investment for M&A of Real Estate or Health Care properties

Our Investment (M&A) Project for Real Estate or Health Care properties goals is to attract Domestic Direct Investment and Foreign Direct Investment partners for the acquisition and purchase of commercial real estate or health care properties in a cash flow methods, generally to be resold for capital gain, wholesale property and to make profit, building a real estate portfolio in Japanese booming and growing real-estate industries. 

*Our investment(M&A) strategies includes the following: 
-Buy and hold properties. 
-Buy and sale properties. 
-Rehab and flip properties. 
-Lots and land purchases. 
-Vacation home properties. 
-Real estate holdings. 
-Re-investment program and capital growth strategies. 
-Return certificate. 
-Asset Building and growth. 

*Our goals are as follow: 
-To build wealth, maximize cash flow and increase tax benefits. 
-To purchase properties to building a real estate investment portfolio. 
-Invest for cash-flow and property appreciation to optimize profits. 

Repayment, which normally enter into force after a period of 10 months, from the day that all legal documents are signed by all parties. 
The investors may also establish its own repayment plans, which may be subject under its own terms and conditions, in such a case, after successful negotiations, our company during such process may request from the investors, repayment terms and conditions legally binding documentation and review these terms. 

Amount: US$ 12 million

Investment in Sea water Magnesium Combustion Power Generation

Electrolysis vessel magnesium refinement is performed for a vast quantity of magnesium in the sea by geothermal energy use of the heat source burden of expense Zero. 

The magnesium lump of the enterprise concerned is a system plan which generates electricity by considering it as substitution exploitation of fossil fuel resources. 
The business investor concerned is looked for in the whole world. 
It is useful for global warming by the CO2 discharge Zero. 

(Patent Application auditing) 

1) When industrializing, a patent fillings person (our representation) offers the system patent concerned, and it cooperates in the business with an investor. 
2) It manages when industrializing by starting a project participating investing firm and a new SPC company (company name: undecided). 
3) This business system performs a specification legal relation person (lawyer) presence contract by the existing technical use systematization based on a project participating company, the Japan internal dimensions, and an international applicable law, and it manages investment money in the appointed accountant's office. 
A receipt is published in an SPC company new at the time of investment money receipt. 
4) This system enterprise does not stop in Japan, but it can use it for the "non-electric power" area in the world by the magnesium supply as resources for power generation in the future. 
5) If there are a zone and the sea in a volcano, refinement is possible and it can supply magnesium very safe and cheaper than the fossil fuel of the present resources for power generation as a generating resource. 
This project is realized. 
6) New industrial development other than power generation is realized with the refined magnesium. 

1) A main plan is a plant of domestic established geothermal energy equipment, and an electrolysis vessel institution and sea water pumped storage equipment 
2) The places which can be generated are a volcanic region facing the seashore of the Japan whole country, and prior Environment Agency approval necessity. 
3) Refinement magnesium lump supply can be supplied overseas in Japan. 
4) New exclusive plant development installation is possible at transportation of a refinement magnesium lump. 
5) Power generation plant exports are possible in the non-electric power area in the world. 

*The relation on an investor and the investment acceptance side 
1) Based on the Japan internal dimensions and international law, both-companies relations are decided suitably [ according to / a legal basis ]. 
A contract term will be separately set after deliberations after that for ten years at the beginning. 
2) A new business unit starts a business entity (SPC) specially separately after a contract. 
In that case, limited officer participation is possible. 

*An investment scale and profits reduction 
It consists of a patent donor and a business equity participant. 
Profits reduction is discussed and defined after industrialization in accordance with a contract.

Amount: 12 million


Used tire !

Used Tire/ Aluminum Wheel for Passenger car/Truck/Bus (20/40FT)

We sell used tire and used alloy rim.

-Used passenger car tire: 50%,70% rest tread depth, for summer and winter

-Light truck, truck, bus tire: casing, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, 99%

*Delivery Capability: 3~6 containers per month

*Sales Results: South America, South-East Asia, America, Africa


L/C, T/T 100% ahead

20/40 ft

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You should keep these topics.

1.Clearly state the purpose and mission of your business.  Set high objectives that are noble, just and fair.

2. Set specific goals.  Once targets are set, share them with all employees.

3. Keep a passionate desire in your heart.  Your desire must be strong and persistent to penetrate into your subconscious mind.

4. Strive harder than anyone else.  Work steadily and diligently, one step at a time, never relenting in tedious tasks.

5. Maximize revenues and minimize expenses.  Measure your inflow and control your outflow; don't chase profit, but let it follow your effort.

6. Pricing is management.  Pricing is top management's responsibility: to find that one point where customers are happy and the company is most profitable.

7. Success is determined by willpower.  Business management requires a persistent, "rock-piercing" will.

8. Possess a fighting spirit.  Management requires a more combative mentality than any martial art.

9. Face every challenge with courage.  Be fair and never deceive others.

10. Always be creative in your work.  Innovate and improve continuously. Today should be better than yesterday; tomorrow, better than today.

11. Be kind and sincere.  Business is based on partnerships and must bring happiness to all parties.

12. Always be cheerful and positive; hold great dreams and hopes in the pureness of your heart.


Special Cleaner

Multi-cleaner: SHION

Rare cleaning agent with strong cleaning power usable as a degreasing agent and at the same time safe to use for sensitive material. Safe to use for cleaning a car's aluminum wheels as well as its exterior and interior.

Weight: 500(g)
Material: Surfactant
Origin: Japan